What is SAC? 
    The SAC (School Advisory Committee) is a group intended to represent the broad school community and those persons closest to the students who will share responsibility for guiding the school toward continuous improvement.  It is elected by its peers and governed by law. The SAC assists the Principal and Superintendent with school district direction, and its goal is to increase student achievement for all students in a safe learning environment.  All meetings are open to the public.
    The SAC is made up of the Principal and an appropriate balanced number of teachers, staff, parents, and community members. It must represent the ethnic, racial, and economic community, and the majority (51%) must not be employed by the Lake County School District in any capacity.
    Teachers elect teachers. Classified employees elect classified employees. Parents elect parents.  Business and community leaders are recommended by the Principal and approved by a vote of the SAC.
    The meetings are open to the public but only SAC members are allowed to vote.