• Advancement Via Individual Determination, hereafter referred to as AVID, is a special academic elective. At the middle school level, the AVID curriculum is composed of a series of libraries organized around writing as a tool of learning, inquiry, collaboration, and reading (WICOR). 

    AVID students complete formal writing domains based on Florida State Standards and anticipated college-level writing experiences. The students in AVID have a system of supports to assist them in making the transition toward learning at high levels of expectation. 

    Please take a moment to view this AVID Parent Night Powerpoint , which provides information for parents and students. The Website, which can be accessed at https://www.avid.org/what-avid-is for additional information about the AVID program. 

    Also, you may contact the Guidance Office (352) 383 6101 to ask about our AVID program. Please note that there are requirements for qualifying to enter the program. Once school begins in August the contact person for students in the program will be:



    Theresa Frisby, Guidance Counselor--frisbyt@lake.k12.fl.us


    Nathan Hufstedler, AVID Teacher--hufstedlern@lake.k12.fl.us