• Welcome to Our Student Lighthouse Team!

    Building Leaders for Life, One Student at a Time 
    The 2018-2019
    Student Lighthouse Team 
    Attention: We will meet every Friday in February until Find Your Roar Night.
    Leadership Night 2019
    Helping Organize the New Comfort Closet!
    Mission Statement

    We the Student Lighthouse Team will synergize to make our school a better place.

    We will be role models by following the 7 Habits, so that others can be the best that they can be.

    Through our hard work and dedication, we will use our creativity to “Leader-ize” SBE.

    As student leaders, we will also listen to what others have to say to make our school GREAT!



    Student Lighthouse Team Projects 

    Our 2018-2019 “Big Rocks”

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    Suggestion Box

    Encouraging Notes for Staf


    Bulletin Boards of the Month with Encouraging Message

    Leaderize a Wall- mural (PE or Cafeteria Stairs)

    Leadership Day

    Teacher, Enrichment, and Bus Appreciation