• Florida State Law requires that schools notify parents/guardians when a teacher is assigned teaching duties dealing with subject matter that is outside the field of certification for that teacher. Teaching out of field.


                               Out of Field Teachers 2018-2019

    Sue Deminico                                                         Math

    Clyde Grant                                                            Business Keyboarding

    Kandi Maynard                                                       Math 7th grade

    Charisa Watson                                                      Journalism

    Morgan Lewis                                                         Science 6th grade

    Theresa Frisby                                                        Guidance Counselor

    Susan Paul                                                              English 5-9


    These teachers are taking appropriate steps to become In-Field Teachers. Based on a review of these teacher's educational qualifications, I believe that they are qualified to successfully deliver instructional services to your child/children.

    Feel free to contact the main office of the school at 383-6101 if you have any questions.


    Jacob Stein

    Principal, Mount Dora Middle School