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    Hunger Hurts
    More than 20,000 Lake County children depend exclusively on school meals for their daily food intake.  If you would like to help eradicate hunger in Lake County by anonymously sponsoring a local child in need, please contact the Groveland Elementary Guidance office at 352-429-2472.
    Help us support the Ronald McDonald House by collecting soda can POPTABS and turning them in to Groveland Elementary!  Please do not send the whole can, just pull the tabs out.  Thanks!
    Why do we save the pop tabs?
    The Ronald McDonald House  a "home-away-from-home" that offers comfort and care to families of children being treated at local hospitals and medical facilities.

    With everyone working together, the Pop Tab recycling program provides a wonderful way to raise funds for the Ronald McDonald House in Orlando. Every year the program generates several thousand dollars to help cover operating costs. It is a simple way to enhance public awareness of Ronald McDonald House and its mission, while supporting the charity.

    Due to space, pop tabs are more efficient than the entire can and also most dense and purest form of aluminum within the can.

    What happens  to the pop tabs once Ronald McDonald House receives them?

    When we bring our tabs to the house, in any kind of container, a volunteer empties them into large trash cans. Once they have collected approximately 500 pounds, their driver takes the tabs to the scrap metal dealer, who gives them money based on the weight and the current market value of aluminum.
    Fun Facts:
    • Aluminum tabs are cleaner and easier to store and transport than the rest of the can.
    • There are about 1,200 pull tabs in a pound.
    • There are approximately 63,360 pull tabs (placed end to end) in a mile.
    • The Sears Tower is 1,454 feet tall…or 17,448 pull tabs tall.
    • It takes approximately 29 pounds of pull tabs to cover the cost of a one night stay for a family.
    • It takes approximately 120 pounds of pull tabs to equal the cost of one day’s electricity for the House.

    (source: South Florida Ronald McDonald Home)


Last Modified on February 8, 2011