• smmertime  
    • Are you looking for  ideas for keeping your family sharp this summer?  The Enrichment team has created a STEAM challenge with lots of ideas of things to do.  It will be posted here as soon as it is finished.
    • It's always important to Read, Read, Read over the summer.  Maps, cereal boxes, instructions, comics, magazines, and books are all good options.  I remember spending hours reading for pleasure, without the pressure of book reports or  AR levels.  
    • Don't forget math fact fluency. Whatever your child's grade level, practicing those computation facts so that she's moving beyond counting on her fingers will make math easier in the fall.
    • Finally, check out the menu bar at the left side of this page for a list of links, pages, and camps to explore this summer.  If you learn of others that could be included, drop me a line and I'll update the list ASAP.
    Have a great summer.  Mrs. Schoenthaler