No...Treadway does not have a STEMlab at this time.  However, we have been actively raising the needed funds to purchase our lab through community and school-wide fundraising as well as grant opportunities.  We are providing information here on our webpage for those who may have questions.   If there are additional questions that you may have, please contact Cindy Christidis, Treadway Elementary School's principal.
    What is a STEMlab?

    A STEMlab comes with the STEM manipulatives and resources, furnishings, technology, training, and complete curriculum that is written for K-5th grade students and ready to use on day one! Many STEM related studies are embedded in the curriculum including technology skills in mechanics and structures, robotics, circuitry, science and data acquisition, computer graphics, and publishing multi-media. The curriculum also supports opportunities for local professionals and experts to participate in the lab by assisting, demonstrating, and mentoring projects where applicable. A STEMlab is a true example of personalized learning as teams choose projects based on their interests and have multiple ways in which to demonstrate mastery of skills. Students develop project objectives and document their learning in e Portfolios, daily journals, and project presentations. This early exposure and access to these highly engaging projects will propel our students to pursue more advanced studies in the STEM fields.

    Photos of a STEMlab  

    Why does Treadway need a STEMlab?

    At the beginning of the 2015-2016 school year, a committee consisting of parents, teachers, and administration came together to determine ways in which to increase our student’s growth in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. (STEM) This committee also wanted to find ways to increase interest, engagement and enthusiasm in related studies. It was determined that due to academic needs and the high interest level in STEM studies that we needed more hands-on, minds-on STEM activities and resources. The committee found that most STEM resource packages available are quite expensive and provide very little support or guidance for teachers and school staff on how to implement such resources into the school day etc. The committee looked to other communities and school systems to see what types of STEM resources and programs are working and are demonstrating academic growth in Science and Math. A STEMlab was found to be an all-inclusive answer to what the committee had been seeking for our school.

    The committee wanted to see first-hand what a STEMlab looked like and how students responded while it was in use. It was also important to find out if other schools had seen an increase in academic performance after their STEMlab had been implemented. After gaining approval, the committee chose 4 LCSB staff members and 1 parent stakeholder to travel to Denver Colorado to determine if a STEMlab was a good fit for Treadway Elementary School. The team arrived in Denver on Monday November 9th, 2015 and was immediately taken to Martinez Elementary School in Colorado Springs.  During the 2 hours that the team visited Martinez, they witnessed a Kindergarten, Second, and a Third Grade Class use their STEMlab.  The Martinez STEMlab had been in place and in use for about 5 years. The students all entered the lab with enthusiasm and were goal oriented from the moment they started until they left the lab for the day. Team members were allowed to ask questions of the students, the lab facilitator and the school administrator. An important finding was that all students were equally able to use and learn in the lab. The team was not able to identify students from different academic levels, and obviously the lab gives all types of learners opportunities for success. While in Denver, the team visited another Elementary school and observed 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade classes using their STEMlabs. They found the students in each lab environment were always aware of their goals and objectives for each class period. The teachers informed the team that the curriculum and Smartlab environment was the key to making the STEM resources manageable and beneficial for all their students. Different schools provided different environments for their STEMlabs.  Some used very large classroom settings, and one used a room that was especially designed to house the STEMLab.

    After their return and after debriefing other committee members, the STEM committee determined that a STEMlab would be a perfect fit for our school and our students. Treadway has no extra classroom spaces but has an extremely large learning space available in the media center. It was decided that we could transform part of our current Learning Commons (Media Center) into an engaging STEM and technology-rich environment.

    What are the costs involved?  

    The total cost of the STEMlab specifically designed for Treadway is $153,829.59.

    The purchase price includes:
    Design and Implementation
    Professional Development and Ongoing Support
    All furniture work/learn stations
    Learning Launcher Curriculum with supportive kits and resources
    ePortfolio Assessment System
    Curriculum and Support
    3D printer and accessories collection
    24 Lab Chairs
    13 All in One Computers w/Windows 10
    Engineering Kits and Apparatus
    Advanced Exploration and Design Kits
    How much has been raised/spent thus far?  How much money is still needed?
    Treadway has spent a total of $96, 170.00 so far on our STEMlab.
    (With internal funds, grants, donations, and school fundraising) 
    With these funds we purchased:
    Engineering/Design Kits
    Advanced Exploration Kits 
    3-D Printer 
    24 Lab Chairs
    13 All-In-One Computers
    We still need $57,660.00 to fully fund our STEMlab. 
    Once purchased, how long will it take for the lab to be set up and being used by Treadway Students?
    Once the STEMlab is fully funded, the lab can be completely set-up and ready to use with students in 8-12 weeks. 
    How can we donate?
    We have a GOFUNDME Account Set UP for donations.
    Please SHARE!