• Welcome Miss Harris' Pack.

    *Please check your child's binder everyday!
    *Make sure everything gets returned every morning!
    *If you are sending something important, try to send a remind ahead of time if possible!
    *If you aren't already signed up, please sign up for my REMIND system!


    1. If you want to have lunch with your child, you have to write a note and notify the teacher and the office. The office needs to know if you are coming into the school that day. 
    2. Please send any money to school in a envelope, bag, etc that is labeled clearly with the students name, how much and what the money is for. 
    3. MECS is a money only school.
    4. To keep up with not only the schools most up to date announcments and reminders, but my classes as well, please sign up for MISS HARRIS and MECS Remind. 
Last Modified on September 26, 2017