Attendance Matters!  

    Attendance Procedures

    1.  Whenever a student is absent or tardy from school, the parent or guardian of the student will explain in writing the reason of the absence upon the student’s return to school.

    2.  Excused absences and tardies include:
    ✓ Illness or injury of the student
    ✓ Illness or injury of the student’s immediate family necessitating the student’s absence
    ✓ Death of a member of the student’s immediate family
    ✓ Doctor or dental appointments which cannot be scheduled outside of school hours
    ✓ Pre-arranged absences of educational value and with the principal’s prior approval at least 5 days in advance. Prearranged absences can be for no more than five days and only one pre-arranged absence will be granted per school year.
    ✓ Recognized religious holidays
    ✓ Judicial actions- subpoena/summons: Juvenile Detention Center

    All other absences or tardies are considered unexcused

    3. Missed assignment due to absence will need to be completed within 5 days after return to school. Arrangements with the teacher to make up missed assignments is the responsibility of the student.

    4. County generated letters are sent to parents upon the 4th unexcused absence.

    5. More than 10 excused/unexcused absences is considered excessive. A written statement by a licensed practicing physician verifying an illness or injury must be provided after that  point for the absence to be considered excused. In cases of long term illness or injury, only one written notification from practicing physician is required.

    6. When a student has reached 15 absences, a Child Study Team meeting will be held at the school with parent and school team including social worker to discuss the reasons for excessive absences and a plan for correction.

    7. Three unexcused tardies or early check-outs will equal one unexcused absence for the purpose of defining a habitual truant.

    8. Perfect attendance means no absences with no tardies or early check-outs.
     The expectation of Astatula Elementary and the School Board of Lake County is that all students will be in attendance each day of the school year. The information above can be found in the Lake County Schools Code of Student Conduct & Policy Guide. We look forward to a successful school year filled with learning.