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    Welcome to Chemistry!


         I am excited to have each and every one of you working with me this year. At East Ridge High School, Chemistry is offered as an option to meet the graduation requirement of three science credits (Biology is the only mandatory science credit; the other two can come from any of the other science courses). Though Chemistry is a rigorous course, it is a rewarding course. The course curriculum is aligned to the Sunshine State Standards. Meeting the learning goals for this course will be a team effort. I will be here to facilitate your learning. Parents should monitor and encourage their students. Students, you are ultimately responsible for your success or failure this school year. I promise you my commitment to guide your success. I know that each of you has enormous potential and this year, we will be tapping into it!


    In my classroom, students will encounter a positive learning environment in which they are safe, supported, engaged, and challenged. I design my course to help students develop such skills as:



    • Critical-thinking
    • Time management
    • Teamwork
    • Organizational skills
    • Communication skills
    • Self-advocacy
    • Scientific writing
    • Technological literacy
    • Effective study habits
    • Scientific problem-solving


        On this website you will find important class information. The syllabus will be posted here for you to reference at any time. I will provide a course overview so that you know what to expect for the year. In addition, I will update this site with class assignments and homework as is needed. This is going to be a great year. Let's get started!


Last Modified on July 18, 2018