• Mr Dillon Proud Assistant Principal for Minneola Elementary Charter School, Juan Dillon has been in Education for 21 years in a variety of positions. Mr. Dillon began his career as an English Teacher at Clermont Middle School before moving on to the then newly opened South Lake 8th Grade Center at Gray Middle School where he taught Spanish 1 to 8th graders who were following a college career path. After two years at GMS, Mr. Dillon moved on to South Lake High School to teach Spanish 1, 2, 3 and Spanish for Spanish Speakers. It was during this time that he decided to transition out of the classroom and into Educational Leadership. After working in a district level position, Mr. Dillon moved to Minneola Elementary Charter initially as an ESOL Instructor/Contact, and eventually as a 5th grade teacher. Wishing to continue his work with ESOL and ELL students as a focus, he moved to the district to be the ESOL/ELL Program Specialist for Lake County.  After 4 successful years in this position, Mr. Dillon felt the draw to return to a school where his experiences would benefit not only the school, but the community as a whole.

    Mr. Dillon received his Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Central Florida, and a Masters in Educational Leadership from National-Luis University. Graduating with honors, he has found his educational experiences as valuable as his professional ones. “College should be a goal for every student who wishes to fulfill it, and we are the first step towards the realization of that goal.”

    Education is a central theme for the Dillon family. His wife is a teacher as well, and his two children are successful students in Lake County. Reading time in the Dillon home is a daily occurrence and everyone loves to pick up a good book or an interesting magazine and relax while reading!

    Mr. Dillon is beyond excited to return to Minneola Charter as the Assistant Principal! He looks forward to a fantastic year of leading, learning and working collaboratively with the entire school community. Know that he is always just a phone call or email away, so don’t hesitate to contact him if you need to.

    Don’t forget…Minneola Mustangs ARE Galloping to Success and ARE all College-Bound!