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Mrs. Annalisa DAttoma


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    Learning Strategies, 8th Grade

    “Success for every student”

     Instructor: Mrs. DAttoma        



    1. Rationale:

    The purpose of this course is to enable students to develop learning strategies, critical-thinking skills, and problem-solving skills to enhance their performance in academic and nonacademic endeavors.


    The content should include, but not be limited to, the following:

    • strategies for acquiring, storing, and retrieving information
    • strategies for oral and written communication
    • critical-thinking operations, processes, and enabling skills
    • problem-solving skills and strategies
    • strategies for linking new information with prior knowledge


    1. Course Requirements:


    1. Class attendance and participation policy:

    Class attendance is imperative to being successful in education. Any assignments missed due to an absence must be made up.


    1. Rules/Procedures:


    General Rules:

    1. Be on time, on task, and prepared to learn EVERYDAY
    2. Be responsible for your own learning
    3. Respect- the teacher, the classroom, other students, and yourself
    4. Electronics are for educational purposes only


    *Follow all school and county rules.


     Dress Code Policy- dress code will be followed to the fullest extent. Young men and women are expected to dress in an appropriate manner. Be sure to have your student ID card viewable and worn properly at ALL times.


    BYOD: you will be allowed to bring your own device to work on assignments in my class, however, if you use it for anything other than what is asked it will be confiscated.    


    Entering the classroom- it is expected of the students to come in, get out a writing utensil (sharpen pencils if necessary), turn in homework if any, sit in assigned seat, read the chalkboards, and begin their bellringer. All students’ desks should be clear; other than the materials that are required for the assignment.


    Exiting the classroom- it is expected that students turn in assignments, clean up any trash/mess they have made, and return all resources where they got them. I give 3-5 minutes for wrap up and clean up each day.



    III. Grading Procedures:


    1. Grades will be based on:

    Bellringer/Classwork                 80%

    Homework                                  10%

    Test/Quizzes                              10%


    I like to keep communication open and clear. If you ever need to reach me please use the Remind app. If you have not yet used this application, on your phone download the app Remind and create an account. To join my class use the code a6adh3  or use the link I will also send home monthly newsletters, information in the agenda, and make phone calls. Please fill out the back of this page and return. J





    Please complete the following:


    Student Name _____________________________________________________________


    Parent(s) Name ____________________________________________________________


    Best form of communication     Call               Text              Remind         Email            Agenda

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    Best time to communicate         AM               PM               Anytime


    Phone: _____________________________________________________________________


    Email: ______________________________________________________________________



    Any pertinent information I need to know as your child’s teacher?















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