Treadway Elementary School




    Welcome to Mrs. Slaight's First Grade Class!
     1st grade rocks!

    Weekly, we have spelling tests on Thursdays and Reading Tests on Fridays. Please see your child's daily folder for the spelling and high frequency word list. 

    I use class dojo for classroom announcments and communication, as well. If you'd like to be connected, please send me a note or an email.

    Mrs. Slaight’s Wish List: (Optional)

    * Playdough 

    *Sandwich or quart size ziplock bags 
     *Colored OR White cardstock—the kind that is the same size as copy paper (not the scrapbooking kind)

    * Bag of individually wrapped candy for candy box (No chocolate, please)


    Water bottles are allowed, as we do not have a water fountain in our classroom. Please make sure their name is on their bottle. We will be eating lunch late, so we are allowing children to bring their own snack from home daily. This will be kept in their backpacks (so, please do not send in anything that needs to be microwaved or refrigerated).  A few ideas are:  Goldfish, Teddy Grahams, carrot sticks, or Ritz Bitz.  NO CANDY or DRINKS! (except water) We ask that it be in the amount that could fit in a sandwich size baggie. We will not allow any sharing, so please remember to send in their snack daily!  (If there are severe allergies in the classroom, I will let the class know some additional parameters.)  Please only send ONE snack item per day. We do not have a lot of time for snack, and when students bring more than one snack item, they do not have time to finish everything. Also, I do not have spoons, forks, etc. in class for students. Please put your child’s snack in his/her backpack, not a lunchbox, so that he/she does not get it confused with lunch.

    Thank You!