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  • Auto Maintinance and Light Repair Level 1,2,3,4  


    This program prepares students for careers as entry-level automotive technicians. It is a ASE Education Foundation http://www.aseeducation.org/ accredited training program in engine repair, automatic transmission and transaxle, manual drive train and axles, suspension and steering, brakes, electrical/electronic systems, and engine performance. Mathematics, (including algebra/geometry) and a strong science background including basic electricity/electronics are recommended for success in this program. During the summer between their junior and senior year, qualified students have the opportunity to work as paid interns at participating dealerships and independent repair facilities in a guided mentorship with an experienced automotive technician. There is a tool scholarship (sponsored by Snap-on Tools). Graduates of this program are encouraged to go on to post-secondary education at one of many technical colleges.


    As future car owners, this class will also help you to understand how to maintain your future (or current) vehicle and be savvy when dealing with repairs. 


    Career Experiences

    • Work-based learning, job shadowing, and career related employers.
    • School to Work Cooperative Opportunities.
    • Internships/Apprenticeships for Students.


    Students will be taking the following ASE Tests: 

    Level one students will take the ASE G1 - Maintenance and Light Repair

    Level two students will take the ASE A4 – Suspension & Steering

    Level three students will take the ASE A5 – Brakes
    Level four students will take the ASE A6 – Electrical/Electronic Systems


    Instructor:    Jose Rafael Padilla