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For stakeholders interested in supporting Lake County Schools' Legislative Priorities by contacting state legislators, here are some helpful tips for Effective Communication with Your Representative.



Lake County Schools urges the Florida Legislature to:

  • Use state assessment data solely for monitoring student progress in 2020-21

Lake County Schools urges the Florida Legislature to use state assessment solely for the purpose of monitoring student progress across the varied learning platforms and not use the data for teacher evaluations, student promotion and graduation decision, nor for the purpose of grading schools and districts of the 2020-21 school year. Students' academic struggles, in the midst of a pandemic, should not be used punitively. Instead, we should use the data to determine how best to help our students during this unprecedented, difficult time. 

  • Provide additional year of FTE hold-harmless to help school districts bridge financial gap. 

Given the unpredictable impact the pandemic is having on student enrollment, we ask the Florida Legislature to give school districts an additional year where drops in FTE enrollment would not result in reduced funding. We need the state's support in bridging the financial gap created by this crisis. 

  • Restore training funding for the Guardian Program.


  • Study the effectiveness of Florida's requirement that teachers who provide reading interventions under a school district's K-12 comprehensive reading plan be certified or endorsed in reading. Further, examine the impact of the required training on improving teacher performance as compared to district coaching and support programs that exist to provide relevant training on successful intervention programs and strategies. 


  • Modify Florida public record laws to ensure the safety and privacy of student information and data, following the federal code. 


  •  Continue ongoing legislative efforts to increase Career and Technical Education opportunities and certifications, with proper funding so as to provide students with ample options to prepare for college and/or career.


  • Direct additional funds to the Base Student Allocation, giving districts the flexibility they need to ensure that all instructional personnel along with staff professionals receive the pay increases they deserve. 


  • Increase the total funds compression to bring Lake County up to 100 percent of the state average, and make the appropriation a permanent part of the Florida Education Funding Program. 

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