Today's Choice for Tomorrow's Future



We have so much to be proud of here in Lake County Schools. We are part of a community that cares about and supports its children. With dedicated teachers, staff and administrators coupled with strong parent engagement and the support of community businesses and organizations, our students have every opportunity to excel.

The COVID-19 coronavirus presented us with unprecedented challenges last school year. I am so proud of how quickly our district pivoted to a new way to keep the learning in Lake going strong, even in the midst of a global pandemic. Our teachers and administrators learned new systems, students adjusted, parents provided much-needed support at home, and community partners filled in the gaps, supporting and encouraging us along the way. We pulled together when it mattered most, and it made a difference. 

Some uncertainties remain as we face the year ahead, but I am confident that the same strength and resilience that brought us through last year will lead us to excellence this year. 

Our focus on developing a common vision for instruction remains steadfast. This year, it will be supported by one-to-one technology tools that will enhance the learning experience for our students and allow us to nimbly respond to unexpected changes if the need arises. 

We will continue working toward our goals of increasing our graduation rate; earning an A or B at every school; supporting teacher recruitment and retention efforts; improving promotion rates and performance of all students to meet state standards; and giving all students opportunities to graduate with advanced credits and industry certifications.  

We will stay connected with you every step of the way, keeping you informed through social media, phone calls, emails, school websites and the parent portal. We hope you will get involved and communicate with us often. We can do great things for students when we work together!


Diane Kornegay, M.Ed.