Parents and caregivers have a tremendous influence on their child's life affecting choices. Constant and caring parental involvement helps inspire your child to be resilient and to make healthy, drug-free choices. When surveyed, the number one reason kids gave for not using drugs is their parents. So read on to gain knowledge about ways you can assist your child in becoming All They Can Be DRUG FREE!
    Risk and Protective factors play a large part in the development of your child. Risk factors are conditions that are associated with greater potential for drug abuse, violence, and delinquency. Protective factors are the conditions that buffer a child from exposure to risk factors. Both risk and protective factors are encountered in the family, community, school, and peer groups. Positive parental actions like love, communication, honesty, and trust help your child make positive life affecting choices.
    Show Kids You Care
    It may seem simple, but one of the best ways to keep your kids drug-free is to show them you care. Simple gestures such as an unexpected hug, saying "I love you" every day, and being supportive of your child can help them to become a confident person. Here are five ways to show you care (drugfree.gov):
    1. Reinforce your love - say the words "I love you!"
    2. Be careful not to criticize; describe a better way.
    3. Remember that children often reflect what they have or have not been taught.
    4. Teach the principles of "why," not just "what" to do or not to do.
    5. Listen to them, a lot. Avoid interrupting. Give them your undivided attention.
    Kids who learn a lot about the risks of drugs at home are up to half as likely as their peers to try or use drugs!
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