Comprehensive Annual Financial Report
    Our fiscal year ends on June 30th
    Welcome to the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report section for the Lake County Schools Finance Department. 
    The current CAFR is presented in  five (5) parts:
    • Introductory Section
    • Financial Section
    • Required and Other Supplementary Information Section
    • Statistical Section
    • Other Reports Section
    Introductory Section
    The Introductory Section includes the transmittal letter, list of principal officials and the  District's organizational chart.

    Financial Section
    The F
    inancial Section includes general purpose financial statements, auditors report on the financial statements and individual fund and account group statements and schedules. 
    Required and Other Supplementary Information Section
    The Required and Other Supplementary Information Section combines statements and schedules of other non-major governmental funds.
    Statistical Section 
    The Statistical Section includes selected financial and demographic information generally presented on a multi-year basis.
     Single Audit and Other Report Section
    The Other Report Section includes audit reports, t
    he management letter, and the management response. 
    Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports may now be found in the
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