Lake County Schools
      Welcome to the Vendor Section for the Lake County Schools Finance Department 
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    Provides tax identification information for Lake County Schools
     The Vendor Set Up Form is used to gather contact information on each individual vendor; in addition, it provides current address and other required information for LCSB purchase order and vendor files.
    W-9 Form
    The W-9 Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification Form is a required Federal document which provides tax identification information as well as tax exempt and withholding status information.
    The W-8 Certificate of Foreign Government or Other Foreign Organization for US Tax Withholding is a required Federal document which provides tax identification for foreign governments and organizations.
    Lastly, after you are an Approved Lake County Schools vendor, please note that the vendor fingerprinting process goes through the Human Resources Department: (352) 253-6543. Please have only one primary contact from each vendor route information needed for Vendor Fingerprinting. 

    Fax Completed Form to:
    Lake County School Board
    Procurement Service Department
    Attn:  Penny Bilyeu, Procurement Support Specialist 
    Phone: (352) 253-6760  Fax:  (352) 253-6761