Lake County Schools has been utilizing Geospatial Information Technologies (GIT) such as Geographical Information Systems (GIS) for more than 11 years in an effort to assist planners, school district administrators and school board members with their ability to make more efficient and effective decisions regarding many aspects of the district’s planning and operational programs.
    Geospatial Information Technologies (GIT) and the underlying Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are utilized within numerous departments at the School District to quantify and qualify ever-changing student growth and migration. GIT and GIS also provide a better understanding of the impacts these changes have on facility maintenance, student transportation and facility or student station capacities.
    Departments such as Growth Planning, Maintenance and Transportation are extensive users of this technology to provide cost effective, efficient operations with the student’s wellbeing in mind.  GIT & GIS technologies are also becoming an integral part of the ever increasing need for greater public participation and transparency throughout all aspects of the District.

    Additional Information About GIS: