Regular school attendance is essential to good achievement and is the responsibility of both parents and students. Parents and students are also responsible for becoming familiar with, and following, these county attendance policies.

    1.  Teachers will record and report absences each period of the day.

    2.  Absences must be explained to the school in writing by a parent/guardian within FIVE SCHOOL DAYS. Failure to report and explain the absence(s) shall result in unexcused absence(s).

    3.  The principal has the final authority for determining the acceptability of any reason for being absent. Absences shall be investigated whenever the principal considers it necessary.

    4.   EXCUSED absences are defined as:
    • Personal illness of the student.  (The principal or designee may request medical evidence.)
    • Medical appointment of the student.
    • Approved school activity (These absences are recorded but not counted against the student).
    • Attendance at a center under the Department of Children and Families Services.
    • Court appearance of the student.
    • Religious holiday.
    • Death in the immediate family.
    • Significant community events with PRIOR APPROVAL OF THE PRINCIPAL.
    • Other absences with PRIOR APPROVAL OF THE PRINCIPAL.


    6. Excessive unexcused absences may result in disciplinary action or placement in an existing alternative program. 

    7.  In accordance with Florida Statues, a pupil with five (5) or more UNEXCUSED absences within a grading period will receive a failing grade UNLESS: Medical evidence is presented to the principal in writing justifying a specific number of days absence, absences are for approved school activities, or absences are approved by the principal or designee, and the student demonstrates mastery of the student performance standards in the course as identified in curriculum guides and/or adopted textbook.