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Parental Choice

Parent Consent for Health Care Services

Per the Parent Bill of Rights, Florida Statute, Section 1014, parents are required to give written consent for their minor child to receive health care services by school staff while at school. This ‘opt-in consent form is titled “Parent Consent for Health Care Services” and has been placed in the Skyward Family Access for parents to complete digitally. 

Parents are encouraged to complete this consent form electronically, however there could be instances where the parent is unable to complete the form electronically and a paper consent form can be picked up at the school.


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Parental Choice for Books

At Lake County Schools, we believe that reading is essential to learning and we have stocked our school media centers with age-appropriate books, periodicals and other resources that educate, inform, enrich and entertain.  

But we understand that every item may not be right for every student or family. Therefore, we have provided a way for you, as a parent, to easily see which resources are available in our media centers and to let us know if any of those resources should be off limits for your child. Please only complete the form if there is a title you wish to have your student prohibited from reading. 

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Media Services

The district understands parents and guardians play a major role in guiding their child’s reading and media center use. It is important that each family has the right to determine which library resources are acceptable for its children and that we afford that right to each family. The district strives to provide appropriate educational, intellectual and physical access to resources that provide for a wide range of abilities and differing points of view. This process in no way negates our responsibility to ensure that the materials that are in our media centers align to state statutes but provides families with additional choice around all available media materials.

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Reproductive Health Education Plan

Pursuant to State law, the Lake County School Board must provide an evidence-based, medically-accurate comprehensive health education curriculum that includes state-required instruction in the concepts of reproductive health. In Lake County Schools, this required instruction for students occurs in Grade 5, Grades 6, 7, 8,  and in High School using the School Board-approved, age-appropriate Reproductive Health Curriculum. 

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