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Audit Advisory Committee

The Audit Committee is advisory only, and has been created for the purpose of providing input and recommendations to the School Board.  The Audit Committee will provide advice and assistance to the Director of Internal Audit within its scope of responsibility.

The Audit Committee is granted such authority as is reasonably necessary to carry out its responsibilities as set forth in the Audit Committee Charter (School Board Policy 7.62) and as such authority will only be exercised in a manner consistent with School Board policies, and all other applicable laws, rules and regulations.

Voting and non-voting Audit Committee members are listed below.  If and when the voting member list shows less than five members, either a voting member(s) has resigned or a board member(s) has yet to approve their voting member(s).

Voting Members

Curt Binney - District 1
Deanna price - district 2
vance jochim - district 3 (chair)
Chloe Bonds-wormack - District 4 (Vice Chair)
tracy carrasquillo - District 5

Non-Voting Members

Stephanie Luke- School Board Liaison to the Audit Committee
Diane Kornegay - Superintendent
Scott Ward - Chief Financial Officer & Superintendent Designee