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Audit Committee Past Meetings Agenda and Meeting Minutes

The Audit Committee's prior meetings Agendas and Approved Meeting Minutes for the current and past fiscal years are posted on this page.  Internal Audit will only post the agenda and minutes after the Audit Committee has approved.  Items not underlined and linked are waiting for the Audit Committee's approval (they will be posted within 24 hours of their approval).

FY 2021/2022

08/12/21 AC Agenda & Approved Minutes

FY 2020/2021
FY 2019/2020
FY 2018/2019
06/25/19 AC Agenda & Approved Minutes     
FY 2017/2018
04/19/18 AC Agenda & Approved Minutes   
02/13/18 AC Agenda & Approved Minutes   
FY 2016/2017
FY 2015/2016