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    Accelerated Reader Program
    Treadway's Kindergarten through Fifth Grade students participate in our school's Accelerated Reader (AR) program throughout the school year.
    The AR program is a way to motivate our students and increase their reading levels. Our students choose an AR book on their reading level, read the book, and then take an AR QUIZ to assess their comprehension.
    This program provides our teachers with information as to how well the students are understanding what they have read and if they are on the right reading level.
    More Details on the AR program:
    • We use the Web-based version of AR - Renaissance Place, which means that most books do have an AR quiz associated with it.
    • Students can always look for specific books on AR Bookfind.
    • Tests must be taken during the regular school day. The program does not allow for evening or weekend quizes to be taken.  However, we do call the company and special provisions are made for family AR night that is held one a month in our Learning Commons.
    • Teachers assign goals of a certain number of points per grading period. The point goals vary by grade level and/or teacher. 
    • Books are worth a certain amount of points based on reading level.
    • Your child's teacher is the person to ask about the class AR point goals and your child's reading level.
    • In the Learning Commons, we try to pair a "just right" book with each student.  (Think of the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.) We do not want have a student read a book that is too easy, and we certainly do not want to have a student read a book that is too difficult.  However, we must help ensure the books the students choose are challenging enough for learning to take place.
    • Students quickly learn how the AR books are labeled in the Learning Commons.  
    Light Blue AR TAG  = Book Level 1.0-1.9 
    Lavender AR Tag      = Book Level 2.0-2.9 
    Green AR Tag = Book Level 3.0-3.9  
    Brown AR Tag       = Book Level 4.0-4.9
    (SSYRA books fall in this level)
    YELLOW AR Tag     = Book Level 5.0-5.9
    (SSYRA books fall in this level)
    PINK AR Tag    = Book Level 6.0+    
    (SSYRA books fall in this level)
    • Students may exchange books during their Commons time or during open access if their teacher determines they have time to do so.
    • Parents are always welcome to come in before school 8:05-8:30am or on AR night each month to assist their child with choosing a book. 

    Third, Fourth and Fifth Grade students are encouraged to get some of their AR points by reading the Sunshine State Young Reader Award books.
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    Lake County Libraries
    Sofware Programs             
    Brain Pop                          
    (Treadway has a software subscription for Brainpop and Brainpopjr. Students can access it at home. Your child's teacher can provide the user name and password.)

Last Modified on August 30, 2018