New Student Registrations are accepted from 9:00 AM-11:00 AM.


     Proof of physical address in the Lost Lake attendance zone:


    Please provide a valid Florida Driver’s License/ID with current physical address or a Florida Voter’s Registration Card with the current physical address and any two (2) of the following documents:

    1. lease agreement with current physical address

    2. rent receipt with current physical address

    3. bill of sale or deed for house with current physical address

    4. Homestead Exemption receipt with current physical address

    5. utility deposit receipt with current physical address

    6. utility bill with current physical address

    (If you reside with a relative/friend, then we must have a notarized letter stating that your family resides with this person and provide two of the above listed documents in their name.) WE DO NOT ACCEPT NOTARIZED LETTERS FROM SUNDANCE OR VISTAS APARTMENTS.

     Verification of parent or legal guardian:

    A person who is not the student’s parent, legal guardian, legal custodian, or other person designated by a court order issued by the state of Florida with whom the student lives must provide the school with a notarized statement to enrolling personnel of intent to seek legal custody or guardianship and must provide an affidavit of custody within thirty (30) days of the student’s enrollment.

     Previous School Information: Withdrawal form, last Report Card, current IEP for (Special Education Students), FCAT scores (FL students only), LEP (ELL students only)

     Health Physical: The physical exam will be accepted from the date the student initially entered a FL school provided the exam was done by a licensed physician and the signature is affixed. (In-state transfers only)

     Out-of-State and Private School transfers: The Health Physical must be completed within one year prior to the date of enrollment and have the physician’s signature and letterhead stamp on the document or an official Pubic Health Department stamp. (ANY existing health conditions and/or special health requirements MUST be submitted at the time of registration.

     Shot Record: Documentation is required of a current immunization record that meets immunization requirements for the State of Florida. This record must be submitted as an Immunization #680 Form that can be obtained from the Lake County Health Department, (352) 394-4399 or a private physician’s office.

     State-Certified Birth Certificate

     Social Security Card (Optional)

     Completed School Registration Packet

    Any person who knowingly makes a false statement in writing with the intent to mislead a public servant in the performance of his or her official duty shall be guilty of a misdemeanor of the second degree, punishable as provided for in s. 775.082, F. S., s. 775.083, F. S., or s. 775.094, F. S.



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