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New policy on meal substitutions goes into effect Nov. 1

Starting Nov. 1, elementary and middle school students who forget their lunch money can charge one meal including anything on the day’s menu and pay at a later date. If they forget again before paying, they will be offered a turkey or other cold cut sandwich, vegetables, fruit and milk. This alternate meal will be offered until an agreement is worked out with the parent or guardian.

High school students will not be allowed to charge any school meals causing their lunch accounts to go into a deficit balance. However, if high school students forget their lunch money, they will be offered the same alternate meal that is offered in elementary and middle schools – sandwich, vegetables, fruit and milk. That offer will be extended three times before the student is asked to speak with an administrator to determine a new course of action.

The revised Sale of Price Meals policy was approved by the School Board in August. Read the policy in full at this link.