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Lake joins state in observance of Family Engagement Month

Throughout November, Lake County Schools is participating in the statewide observance of Florida Family Engagement in Education Month, an initiative of the Florida Department of Education.


The Department and our district both recognize that there is a direct connection between family engagement and high student achievement. To help families support their children’s education we:

  • Offer opportunities to understand what students are learning and how to help them at home;
  • Provide opportunities for families to be involved and advocate for their children;
  • Share information about how to help their children prepare and plan for college and careers;
  • Create learning environments that promote communication among families and school staff; and
  • Recognize and build on strengths in the community and among families.

As the state observes Florida Family Engagement in Education Month, we encourage our parents and families to get involved, stay informed and continue to make your children’s education a top priority.


When schools work together with families to support learning, children are more motivated to succeed – not just in school, but throughout life.


Contact your child’s school today to see how you can get more involved!