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$31,000 grant will support aviation and aerospace education at Umatilla High

Students at Umatilla High School will benefit from a $31,000.00 investment by AT&T this year, one that seeks to increase STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) and graduation rates by introducing Career Technical Education (CTE) in the field of aviation and aerospace.  


The grant was acquired through the Educational Foundation of Lake County.


To provide a critical link from classroom to careers, AT&T is providing hands-on learning opportunities for students at Umatilla High School. Real-world application of STEM education concepts, problem-solving and critical thinking skills will all be key elements of the aviation and aerospace club.


“We know that industries engaged in STEM disciplines will create a majority of high-value, high-wage jobs and within ten years, almost nine out of ten new jobs will require education beyond a high school degree,” said Joe York, AT&T Florida President.


There is expected to be a huge job deficit in the aviation and aerospace industry from now until 2030. Boeing reported that 440,000 pilots and 660,000 technicians are in demand. There is an increasing need to provide relevant educational experiences for students interested in aviation and aerospace in order to provide future workers for industry growth right here in Central Florida.