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Lake County School teacher nominated for national award

Lake County Schools teacher Christine Schram has been named a nominee for the The National Life Group’s 2017-2018 Lifechanger of the Year Award. Winners of this prestigious award receive recognition at the annual LifeChanger of the Year Awards Ceremony in the spring, and are awarded with personal prize money, along with a donation to their school.


Ms. Schram is a teacher at Fruitland Park Elementary School where she teaches students who have Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). She has been teaching at Fruitland Park Elementary school for 3 years and has been with Lake County Schools for 6.


Schram was nominated by her colleague Deborah Ellis, who says, “… She has shared her knowledge and has always been there to celebrate successes, and provides direction when I face challenges. Everyone crossing paths with Christine has benefited and been blessed.”


Lake County Schools is proud of the work Ms. Schram has done as an educator and we wish her the best of luck as a nominee for LifeChanger of the Year. To learn more, visit the National Life Group Website.