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District to introduce "Run, Hide, Fight" safety drills to students

infographic The safety of students and staff is of the utmost importance to Lake County Schools. We are committed to equipping our schools with the best practices to keep everyone safe. One of those best practices is working in collaboration with our local law enforcement partners to implement the ALICE method.


ALICE empowers everyone to use his or her best judgment in each unique situation.


ALICE stands for:

  • Alert
  • Lockdown
  • Inform
  • Counter
  • Evacuate


We often refer to this approach as “Run, Hide, Fight.”  Sometimes running out of the building is the best option. At other times, it’s safer to barricade and hide. Fighting back -- throwing objects, yelling, or acting aggressively to disorient and distract an asssailant -- is a last resort to be used only if there are no other options. The goal is to give our students and staff the best opportunity for survival.


“In the summer of 2018 all staff were offered training in the updated procedures incorporating the elements of the ALICE principles,” said Jimmer Roy, the district’s Safety & Security Specialist. “Now after thoughtful preparation we are prepared to share the concepts in age appropriate ways with our students.”


Here's an example from Akron City Schools of how safety training, including the "Run, Hide, Fight" approach, can be taught to young students in an age-appropriate manner:


Safety drills will begin later this fall, and parents will be notified in advance.