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Student's curiosity and creativity lead to design and purchase of school flag

A now 5th grade student at Pine Ridge Elementary, Dylan Escobar Suero, had a nagging question. So, he student holding school flag took his question to Ms. Burns, the schools Assistant Principal. Ms. Burns thought Dylan had an excellent question. His question was: Why doesn’t Pine Ridge Elementary have a school flag? Ms. Burns encouraged Dylan to meet with the schools PTO (Parent Teacher Organization) to secure funding for a new school flag.


On May 2, 2018 Dylan and his family attended the schools monthly PTO meeting where Dylan shared his question. The PTO responded by asking Dylan what he believed a Pine Ridge Elementary flag should look like? The attendees also voted to secure the funding needed to make Dylan’s dream a reality. Following the meeting the PTO contacted a flag company and handed over Dylan’s ideas.


So if you happen to be driving down County Road 561 during a school day you just may see the new Pine Ridge Elementary flag flying high thanks to Dylan.