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Sawgrass Bay Elementary School throws block party for attendance awareness month

Sawgrass Bay Elementary School throws block party for Attendance Awareness Month

September is Attendance Awareness month for Lake County Schools. Sawgrass Bay Elementary School had a celebration so big, it drew a crowd of approximately 1,500 students and families to school on a Saturday morning!


Saturday September 15, 2018, Sawgrass Bay Elementary School, in partnership with Love & Living Hope Church, threw their second annual Absenteeism Awareness Block Party. The goal was to raise awareness for how attendance at school has an impact on students’ educational success.  In the midst of all the student and family-center activities, block party vendors prominently displayed attendance facts, guest speakers focused on how attendance in elementary school plays a major role in reading proficiency for students, and all guests were encouraged to sign up for contests and prizes.


The Block Party was the brain child of Pastor Jose Gonzalez of Love & Living Hope Church, who was serving on the behavior/attendance team during a Title 1 meeting at Sawgrass Bay. “He began researching and seeing the importance of attendance in schools and came to me with the idea that it does require a community partnership to get the message out there,” said Sawgrass Bay’s Assistant Principal, Michelle Work. “Pastor Gonzalez and his team coined the slogan “I’m Here All Year” and moved forward with the event whose audience has grown about 50% since its launch in 2017.”


Work says that Sawgrass Bay will continue to emphasize the importance of attendance to its students and families throughout the school year. “The ‘I’m Here All Year’ team will be providing quarterly incentives throughout the year for the grade level that has the highest attendance rate, individual teachers are celebrating attendance within their classes, and guidance counselors are playing a huge role in promoting attendance by following up with those who drop below the 10% mark,” said Work. “We hope that through consistent communication and follow-up throughout the year, we will see an increase in our attendance rate and thus an increase in student performance.”