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Lake Minneola students move closer to All-State Choir goal

Stellar musicians from Lake Minneola High School recently traveled to Lake Howell High School in LMHS Choir Students Seminole County to participate in the first round of All-State Choir auditions.


They were required to take an intensive musicianship exam, testing their understanding of aural identification in chords, intervals, and melodic and rhythmic error detection as well as their understanding of key signatures, time signatures and musical terminology. 


Afterward, they had to perform five difficult levels of sight-reading, demonstrating their ability to perform music without assistance and with limited practice time (maximum was 30 seconds). Their scores had to meet certain requirements to move on to the next round. 


Congratulations to the following students who will compete at the next level in October for the opportunity to perform in the Florida All-State Choirs in January.

  • Kaitlyn DeRiggs, 11th
  • Justus Evans, 12th
  • Katie Hunt, 12th
  • Kieran Lee, 12th
  • Fionnula Mendoza, 9th
  • Brittany Pflanz, 12th,
  • Jessica Rodriguez 9th
  • Kaitlynn Rogers, 11th
  • Jimmy Rosilio, 11th
  • Josh Weissman, 12th