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School meals at Lake County Schools reflect federal revised nutrition requirements

For immediate release -- Aug. 21, 2012

After getting a jump start on USDA’s Food and Nutrition Service (FNS) revised nutrition requirements for the National School Lunch with some implementation beginning last school year, students at Lake County Schools will continue to see slight adjustments on school menus this year.

The revised standards double the amount of fruits and vegetables served at lunch, with the notable exception of starchy vegetables.
“The District implemented these new standards last year, which gave us a whole year to experiment so we are ready for the new regulations,” said Gary Dodds, Supervisor of the Food Services Department at Lake County Schools. “These new regulations, as well as changes made by the District, make school meals healthier than ever with more fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, reduced or zero TransFats, salads and salad bars, low-fat dairy items, baked items rather than fried and healthy cooking and prep techniques.”
School meals must meet new federal nutrition standards requiring: 
  • More fruits and vegetables, including weekly servings of leafy greens, red or orange vegetables and legumes (Students must take at least one serving)
  • More whole grains
  • Fat free or 1 percent milk
  • Age-appropriate limits on:
    • Calories
    • Portion size
    • Sodium
    • Trans and saturated fat

Every school lunch at Lake County Schools includes five key components: 

  • Milk — Fat free or 1 percent
  • Vegetables — From jicama to fresh carrots
  • Fruit — Everything from kiwi to locally grown oranges
  • Grains — Whole grain breads and brown rice
  • Protein — Lean meats and beans

The Lake County School District is the largest food preparation service in the entire County. On each school day, the cafeterias serve breakfast to about 9,500 students and lunch to about 26,000 students. The cost for the District’s school breakfast program is $1 for students in elementary school; $1.25 for students in secondary school; $.30 for reduced priced students; and students eligible for free lunches are also eligible for free breakfast. The District’s school lunch program costs $1.85 for students in elementary school; $2.10 for students in secondary school; and $.40 for reduced priced students. For more information, including online payments, free & reduced applications and school lunch menus, are available at