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South Lake High students win awards at forestry competition


Congratulations to the South Lake High School FFA Forestry Team who recently won several awards at the Florida FFA Association Forestry Career Development Event (CDE)!

The goal is to stimulate student interest in forestry, to promote forestry instruction in the agricultural education curriculum and to provide recognition for those who have demonstrated skill and competency as a result of forestry instruction. Participants accomplish these goals in six areas: Dendrology (the study of trees), Equipment Identification, Forest Disorder Identification, Map Interpretation, Timber Cruising (which requires participants to measure wood volume that can be used for manufacturing), and the General Knowledge Exam — 50 questions based off the content of the “Introduction to Forestry in Florida” manual used by state foresters.

South Lake High earned the following:

  • 1st Place Overall — South Lake Senior Chapter
  • 2nd Place Overall — South Lake Junior Chapter
  • 1st Place — Equipment Identification
  • 2nd and 3rd place — Tree Volume
  • 1st Place — Tree Identification
  • 1st Place — Forestry Knowledge
  • 2nd Place — Timber Cruising
  • 1st Place — Forest Disorders
  • 2nd Place — Forest Disorders
  • 3rd Place — Map Interpretation

In addition, 11th grade student Kyle Garner earned the highest score on the General Knowledge test.

“I have participated in this CDE since the 6th grade, so I have prepared for the General Knowledge exam through many years of studying the ‘Introduction to Forestry in Florida’ manual, as well as attending the Florida FFA Forestry Camp over the summer, which focuses on the Florida Forest Industry and its impact on Florida Agriculture,” Kyle said. “I definitely have plans of having a career in agriculture, although I’m not sure if it will be in the area of forestry. However, I do have a love for forestry and will continue to explore it over the years.”