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Beauty queen, anti-bullying crusader to visit Tavares High



Today, Brittany Pierce competes in beauty pageants. But as a teen, she didn’t feel beautiful and was often the victim of bullying.


It all started with a negative comment about her appearance when she was in the 6th grade. It escalated to become daily incidents on the bus and in the cafeteria with students calling her a dog and barking at her while others laughed. In fact, a former teacher who is now an assistant principal at the North Carolina school she attended told a news reporter that it was the worst case of bullying he had ever seen and it helped lead to the creation of the county’s anti-bullying program.


Pierce will share her story with Tavares High School on Thursday, Nov. 19, to urge students to treat each other with kindness and respect. She also encourages those who have been bullies to apologize, as many of those who bullied her have done, and for victims to forgive and to try to find a way to move on peacefully.


Her presentation will begin at 1:37 in the school gymnasium.