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FBI questions man seen taking photos outside Umatilla High School

Mehmet Alkan, the man who raised suspicions after taking photos outside of Umatilla High School last week, was located and questioned by the FBI over the weekend, according to a statement released by the Lake County Sheriff's Office today (Tuesday, Dec. 22).
"He was cooperative in the interview, during which he relayed the same explanation given to deputies when they first encountered him,'' the statement reads. "He again stated he has become acquainted with a female from Umatilla and that he came here to take photographs of landmarks to give her. Alkan is apparently going through a divorce in New York (evidenced by divorce paperwork found by deputies during the initial contact) and is in the process of moving to Las Vegas, which is apparently the reason for his having receipts in the car for a storage facility there." 
After extensive investigations by the Sheriff's Office, state and federal law enforcement agencies, no evidence of criminal activity or criminal intent was found.