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Mascotte Elementary third-grader wins $1,000 scholarship in gardening program

Kylie Rider Kylie Rider, a third grade student from Mascotte Elementary Charter School, won a $1,000 scholarship from Bonnie Plants as the state winner of the company’s 3rd Grade Cabbage Program!
She was selected out of 56,380 third grade students in the state. A representative from Bonnie Plants will present the $1,000 scholarship check to Kylie at the school on Friday, Jan. 22, at 9:15 a.m.
The cabbage program, started in 2002, is designed to inspire a love of vegetable gardening in young people. Each year the company distributes more than 1 million free cabbage plants to third-grade classrooms across the country. Each student gets his or her own cabbage to grow at home or in the school’s garden. Teachers incorporate the project into class activities throughout the year. At the end of the session, students submit a photo of themselves and their cabbage and teachers select a class winner. One class winner from each state is awarded a $1,000 scholarship through a random drawing by each states Director of Agriculture. 
“The joy of gardening and the satisfaction of growing healthy food are gifts that kids never outgrow,’’ Stan Copy, President and CEO of Bonnie Plants, has said. “We’re grateful for the opportunity to share these gifts with the next generation of gardeners.” 
The cabbages distributed to schools are the O.S. Cross variety, which is known for producing giant, oversized heads. Some students have grown cabbages weighing more than 50 pounds! Kylie’s cabbage weighed in at 21.7 pounds.