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Wanted: Information about the integration of Lake County Schools

We Want To Hear From You! As the nation wraps up the observance of Black History Month, Lake County Schools is seeking to capture details of an important part of our community’s history – the racial integration of our schools. We have copies of news articles that suggest Eustis High School was the first to integrate in 1965, and we are reaching out to former students who say they were the first African Americans to integrate that school. We are also consulting School Board meeting minutes.

If you were a student or the parent of a student in Lake County in 1965, and you have memories or memorabilia from that time, we want to hear from you. We welcome copies of any photos or documents that discuss or illustrate this transitional period in our district. We also welcome your own personal recollections of that time.

Please send copies and comments to Communications Officer Sherri Owens at All items must be received by Wednesday, March 9.