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Mount Dora High School Drafting Students Moving on to SkillsUSA State Competition

SkillsUSA is a partnership of students, teachers and industry working together to ensure America has a skilled workforce. SkillsUSA helps each student excel.
SkillsUSA empowers its members to become world-class workers, leaders and responsible American citizens. SkillsUSA improves the quality of America’s skilled workforce through a structured program of citizenship, leadership, employability, technical and professional skills training. SkillsUSA enhances the lives and careers of students, instructors and industry representatives as they strive to be champions at work.
Morgan Boykin, Jacob Oh, Kerstyn Shipley, Rylie Brumley,                                               Top Row: Connor Donova February 18 and 19, 2016, 15 students from Mount Dora High School competed in SkillsUSA Region 3 Competition in Orlando, Florida.  Their areas of competition where; Architectural Drafting, Commercial Baking, Computer Programming, Culinary Arts, Early Childhood Education, Prepared Speech, Quiz Bowl and Technical Drafting.
Architectural Drafting competitions contestants had to use their drafting skills to solve an Architectural problem. The problem includes a written test, a hand sketch, and drawings that are computer-generated (CAD). The contest tests the contestants’ problem solving abilities, not simply their CAD skills.  During this competition Kofi Blake, a Junior, placed 7th, Nora Abbott, a Senior, placed 4th and Jeffrey Hackett, a Junior, placed 1st and will move on to the SkillsUSA Florida 2016 State Leadership & Skills Conference.  
Commercial Baking contestants are challenged to meet production and quality standards expected by
Top Row: Connor Donovan, Jacob Abel  Front Row: Nora Abbott, Zoe Boone, Carlye Spencer, Jeffrey Hackett, Jason Abel
  industry.  The contest include both a written examination and practical exercises.  Contestants demonstrate their knowledge and skills through scaling, mixing, preparing and baking six products. The products includes breads, rolls, Danish, cookies and pies. The students also demonstrate their cake decorating skills.  During this competition Zoe Boone, a freshmen, placed 6th in Commercial Baking.
Computer Programming competition consists of project coding and output, a skill-related written test and an interview.  Natalie Bruno, a freshmen, will compete in this competition during the SkillsUSA Florida 2016 State Leadership & Skills Conference.
Culinary Arts competition encompasses both hot and cold food preparation and presentation.  Contestants demonstrate their knowledge and skills thorough the production of a four-course menu in a full day competition.  The contestants are rated on their organization, knife skills, cooking techniques, creative presentation, sanitation food safety techniques, and above all, the quality and flavor of their prepared items.  Connor Donovan, a freshmen, placed 5th in Culinary Arts.
Early Childhood Education contestants demonstrated their knowledge of developmentally appropriate practice and their ability to prepare and implement learning activities for children 3 to 5 years old.  Contestants had to prepare a written lesson plan and take a written test assessing their knowledge of child development and effective teaching strategies.  They had to demonstrate their understanding of the unique age-related learning characteristics of young children and the relevant social interaction as they implemented their lesson.  Carlye Spencer, a junior, placed 2nd in Early Childhood Education.
Prepared Speech required the student to deliver a speech five to seven minutes in length on a common theme established by National SkillsUSA earlier in the school year.  The contestants are evaluated on their ability to present thoughts relating to a central theme clearly and effectively, and on voice, mechanics, and platform deportment.  Kerstyn Shipley, a junior, placed 4th in Prepared Speech.
Quiz Bowl test a team of 5 competitors’ ability to quickly respond to questions covering the areas of Academic knowledge, professional development and current events.  The Quiz Bowl consisted of Helena Austin, Morgan Boykin, Rylie Brumley, Breanna Marriot all juniors and Jacob Oh a senior.  They placed 1st in the Quiz Bowl and will move on to the SkillsUSA Florida 2016 State Leadership & Skills Conference.   
In Technical Drafting, the contest evaluates contestant’s preparation for employment and recognizes outstanding students for excellence and professionalism in the field of technical drafting. The contest focus is on the solution of industry-developed problems by applying appropriate technical drafting skills and tools including computer-aided drafting (CAD).  Jason Abel, a sophomore, placed 12th and Jacob Abel, a senior placed first and move on to the SkillsUSA Florida 2016 State Leadership & Skills Conference.  
Nine of the Mount Dora High School students will now move on to compete in the SkillsUSA Florida 2016 State Leadership & Skills Conference.  Which will be held in Lakeland, Florida April 24 to 27, 2016.
The SkillsUSA organization has 13,000 school chapters in 54 state and territorial associations and more than 14,500 instructors and administrators are professional members of SkillsUSA.