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Friday is last day for public input on Every Student Succeeds Act

Friday, July 22, is the last day the Florida Department of Education (FDOE) will accept public input on the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). All members of the public are invited to submit comments on each component of the law. FDOE officials will consider this feedback as they develop Florida’s draft state plan. To access the public input form, please visit

For ease, the feedback form has been divided into specific sections named in the law (#1-#7), each title in the law (#8) and U.S. Department of Education draft regulations (#9) as shown in the list below. You are welcome to provide input on as many of these as you would like, but you are not required to respond to all. Likewise, it is not mandatory to answer every question on a specific topic.

  1. Challenging State Academic Standards
  2. Academic Assessments
  3. State Assessment Grants
  4. Statewide Accountability System
  5. School Improvement
  6. School Support and Improvement Activities
  7. Direct Student Services
  8. General Comments by Title of the Act (Titles I-VIII)
  9. U.S. DOE Draft Regulations on Accountability, State Plans and Data Reporting

As the process continues there will be additional opportunities for stakeholders to offer suggestions. Once FDOE develops Florida’s draft state plan, all of our state’s education stakeholders will be asked again to provide feedback before the state plan is submitted to the U.S. Department of Education.