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A Message from the District


 Dear LCS Parents,

As you know, in the last month there have been a number of social media postings about clown sightings and related threats of violence around the U.S. and some even here in our community. 

The Lake County Sheriff’s Office monitors social media and keeps the district and our schools informed. While we take precautions and bring in extra resources when necessary, most of what we’re seeing and hearing is proving not to be credible. Still, student safety is our top concern and we take all threats seriously. We will continue to work with law enforcement.

You can help by talking to your students so they understand that this is not the time for pranks. They should not wear masks or costumes to scare their friends, even as a joke. Also, we understand the role social media can play in keeping communities informed. But it’s also a place where rumors can spread quickly. Please encourage your students to think carefully about what they share on social media. 

Thank you!

Lake County Schools