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Leadership skills on display at Sawgrass Bay Elementary

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Sawgrass Bay Elementary School recently hosted Leadership Day to showcase students who are learning to lead by service to one another and to the surrounding communities.
Sawgrass Bay Elementary is a Leader in Me School, meaning it is part of a program that teaches leadership and life skills to students, creating a culture of student empowerment. The Sawgrass Bay Elementary School Leadership Day, held Jan. 20, 2017, was a day to showcase what students have learned. Some of the attendees included members from other Leader in Me Schools in Central Florida, business partners and community members. Kathy Halbig, Coordinator of Personalized Learning for Students, and Doreathe Cole Director of Elementary Curriculum, for Lake County Schools, were also in attendance.
The day began with breakfast, presentations and performances from Sawgrass Bay’s students. Later, guests were dismissed to participate in ours around the school led by Sawgrass Bay's Student Lighthouse Team, the school ambassadors.
The students received great feedback on their day.
“Our student leadership day was a visionary example in the context of the school day of how our children can embrace their gifts and talents and lead with passion and purpose,” said Assistant Principal Michelle Work. “We believe at Sawgrass Bay that our mission is to empower our children to lead their lives and their learning in order to become future ready citizens. We are so very proud of their contributions and enthusiasm around making our school, our community and our world a better place.”