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72 Lake teachers are among those with the highest impact in the state


Seventy-two Lake County teachers have been recognized by the Florida Department of Education for being among the highest impact teachers in the state based on a recent analysis of student performance on statewide standardized assessments.

The department’s analysis used each of the most recent three years of data (2015-16, 2014-15 and 2013-14) in which the honored teacher taught Reading, Math and/or Algebra I.

“Whether in a classroom where students arrived already high achieving or a classroom in which students were underperforming, your efforts provide inspiration and opportunities to young people that may have been otherwise inaccessible,’’ reads a letter to each teacher from state Commissioner of Education Pam Stewart. “We know more than we have ever known about the impact teaching has on student outcomes. With this knowledge comes the opportunity to celebrate successes and to support all educators in their journey to become more effective in the classroom. That starts by recognizing you.”

Congratulations to our highest impact teachers!

Ackerman, Jennifer

Friedrich, Catherine

Olson, Starlena

Albert, Wanda

Gamain, Philippe

Ousley, Latoshia

Applewhite, Joann

Gomez, Rebecca

Perkins, Melissa

Arvanitis, Lori

Grable, Vicky

Phillips, Stephanie

Ball, Ruthanne

Greata, Dana

Pundsack, Jenny

Baty, Tatyana

Green, Danielle

Rees, Lisa

Benner, Melissa

Griffith, Mary

Robles, Luis

Bennett, Robin

Hains, Jessica

Royer, Mary

Bledsoe, Laura

Hink, Christopher

Rozar, Wendy

Borowsky, Kathryn

Isabelle, Renee

Sanders, Letitia

Burden, Pamela

Johnson, Lisa

Scott, Reshonda

Cavallaro, Jennifer

Jorgensen, Kim

Skinner, Stanley

Danielson, Kevin

Key, Colleen

St. Pierre, Bradley

Dorn, Krystal

Lally, Dina

Stalma, Jonathan

Drasheff, Suzanna

Lema, Mathew

Stone, Christina

Durbin, John

Long, Lauren

Vest, Jakie

Dvorak, Debra

Lowery, Lisa

Villegas, Jeanne

Eaton, Charles

Martin, Traci

Walker, Kenea

Eichelberger, Cindy

Matulia, Elizabeth

Walker, Samantha

Emmermanis, Lesselle

Miller, Matthew

Weiss, Natashia

Farley, Shaunna

Mims, Stacie

Williams, Patricia

Flaten, Alan

Moore, Ebony

Wood, Tracy

Forsyth, Tiffany

Nelan, Shanna

Woodbine, Michelle

Frank, Kevin

Odum, Britt

Zangre, Tabitha