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Harbor Hills Ladies' Charity and Lois Benning Memorial Fund donate $18,000 to Lake Hills School

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On Monday, March 27, Lake Hills School held a donation ceremony to recognize the Harbor Hills Ladies Charity for their $4,500 donation and the Benning Memorial Fund for their $13,500 donation. The Harbor Hills Ladies Charity has supported Lake Hills School over the past several years and has helped to purchase specialized adaptive equipment and assistive communication technology for our students.
The most recent donations will be used to purchase eye-gazing and head tracking devices for individuals with limited mobility due to physical impairments. This technology gives them hands-free access to navigate a computer through the movement of the eyes or through the movement of the head, allowing them the ability to communicate and live richer, more connected and independent lives.
During the ceremony, several of our students helped give a hearty “Thank You” by singing "You've Got a Friend in Me."
Lives are changing forever because of the generosity and support of our community members!