• Growth Planning Department

    Kelly Randall, AICP, Coordinator
    201 West Burleigh Blvd
    Tavares, FL 32778

    Main # (352) 253-6690
    Fax # (352) 253-6691
    Lake Minneola High School
    Our Mission

    It is the mission of the Growth Planning Department to plan for equitable facilities that support the educational needs of our students.



    The Growth Planning Department's responsibilities fall into three broad areas: Intergovernmental Coordination; School Attendance Boundaries, & Demographics; Real Estate.


    Intergovernmental Coordination

    • Implement school concurrency
                a.    Monitors all proposed residential developments in Lake County  to determine whether adequate 
                       capacity exists in our schools.
                b.    Monitors school utilization, and LOS tables.
    • Works with local governments to jointly plan our schools; looks for opportunities to co-locate public facilities.
    • Coordinates Interlocal Agreements.
    • Coordinates preparation of the Five Year Capital Plan.
    • Conducts special planning studies and projects.

      School Boundaries & Demographics


    • Oversees the Advisory Boundary Committee (ABC) process of conducting public meetings, and formulating boundary recommendations to the Superintendent.
    • Answers questions from parents and the general public regarding school assignments.
    • Provides statistical analysis of demographic data.
    • Prepares student population projections for long range planning.
    • Prepares annual projections for input into school budget preparation.
    • Operates the Planning Department's Geographic Information System (GIS).

    Real Estate Services

    • Land contract negotiations
    • School and facility site file maintenance of original deeds and title policies 
    • F.I.S.H. (Florida Inventory of School Houses)
    • Educational Plant Survey 
    • New lease space negotiations
    • Survey, environmental and appraisal coordination at contract negotiations