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    2012-13 Superintendent's Reading Challenge

    Our goal is to develop avid, lifelong readers. A significant step in ensuring our students are C2 ready! This challenge allows parents to partner with students to help develop a love of reading. Students meet simple reading goals and parents help them log their achievements.


    Student Incentives

    Students often need extrinsic motivation to develop intrinsic motivation. Therefore, this challenge has some incentives. Each Elementary student that com-pletes the challenge will receive a certificate. Each middle and high school student will be entered into a drawing to receive prizes. Schools are also encouraged to look to their business partners for other rewards. Once students begin reading they won’t want to stop!

    School Incentives

    We know the time it takes to get this information dispersed, returned, signed by parents, compile all the information, and prepare data on beautiful charts. We want to show off your efforts as well. The schools with the highest participation will receive a plaque to display in their school recognizing their achievement!

    Reading Logs

    Students will read the designated number of books outside of the school day between August 20, 2012 and May 3, 2013. A Reading log should be kept by the parent or student listing the books read. A log can be obtained from the teacher. The recommendation of books read for the challenge is 1/3 of the books should be Fiction, 1/3 Non-Fiction and 1/3 Students’ choice. Parents will sign the log and students will return it to their homeroom teacher by May 3, 2013. Literacy Coaches will collect them and tally the total num-ber of students meeting the challenge. This information will be turned in to Rose Sedely by May 10, 2013.

    Challenge Goals:
    Elementary: Read 25 books
    Middle School: Read 12 books
    High School: Read 8 books
    *Books should be on the students reading level