VISION STATEMENT – Investing in our future, one child at a time. 

    MISSION STATEMENT – Lost Lake Elementary inspires, nurtures, and facilitates students in becoming critical and global thinkers, leaders, and problem solvers of tomorrow.


    Welcome to Mrs. Boam’s Second Grade Class


    Welcome to the beginning of a wonderful 2015/16 school year. I am very excited to be your child’s teacher and I am looking forward to a very successful year.  I sincerely believe that our classroom will promote a fun-filled love of learning and encourage responsibility and critical thinking. You are welcome to be as involved as you would like in our classroom, our door is always open. I believe that our working together will encourage your child to strive for success.  Should you need to contact me with questions or concerns, you may reach me by email at BoamS@lake.k12.fl.us or you may call the school at 352-243-2433 and I will return your call as promptly as possible. 


    We will be using a Star Binder which is a 1½” 3-ring binder to organize all the wonderful things that will be brought to and from school. Please make sure this comes to school each day.


    I will usually give homework on Mondays for the whole week. There will be daily assignments to be completed in the packet and some will need to be completed online. The online portion and the packet are expected to be completed by/or returned to school on Friday. The Reading Log will also be in the Star Binder and must be signed daily after the reading assignment has been completed. I will attach a fluency sheet to the homework that must be completed each day and words per minute should be recorded daily. If the fluency sheet or log is left blank, I will assume that your child has not done the daily reading assignment. Please understand that homework assignments may change depending on your child’s needs.


    Our classroom is based on a foundation of respect and responsibility and each class member is expected to behave appropriately in order to learn. Together we will develop a set of S.O.P’s (standard operating procedures), a shared vision and code of co-operation for us all to live and succeed by. Your support of these boundaries is very much appreciated.

    Code of Co-operation often will look like the expectations below.


    1. Be kind and polite.

    2. Try your very best.

    3. Be Responsible.

    4. Be Safe.



    Those students who continuously shine and follow the rules will receive praise, Star Shines, and stickers. Star shines are punches on a star card and will be awarded for good behavior, good effort, good citizenship, being responsible, and acts of kindness. Those in possession of 25 star shines on a Friday afternoon will receive a Star Prize. We will have a behavior chart and each student that will have a personal clip that may move up the chart when dazzling behavior is displayed. Those students that make super-star choices will certainly move up the chart quickly.

    One move up on the behavior chart = stamp and one star shine

    Two moves up on the chart = sticker and two star shines

    Three moves up = BLING and three star shines



    Every student will begin the day with their star shining. My expectation is that student will move up the chart but those students that choose not to follow our rules will conference with me and complete a re-think behavior sheet. It is my belief that students will change their choices and improve their behavior. Should your child continue to make poor choices their behavior will result in a note or a phone call home.

    ***Please note that a serious infraction may result in a visit to the office for further discipline.


    If a student’s star remains shining they will receive a stamp or a sticker at the end of the day. If you do not see a stamp or sticker in your child’s agenda, you should ask why. If I do not stamp your child’s agenda, I will usually write a short reason why. A note home will give more explanation. 


    Please check your child’s agenda each and every day. Talk to your child about their day at school. We will be working together to learn how to make the proper choices in the classroom. We will review our rules regularly and we will model and role-play as necessary.


    Lunch money can be sent in daily or in advance. Please send any money in the plastic pouch in the Star Binder or in an envelope or baggie with your child’s name on it, how much is there, and what it is for. You may also use Mylunchmoney.com to deposit money in your child’s account.


    Toys are not allowed at school. I may allow something in to share but a note will be sent home if this occurs. Student will also be asked to leave jewelry and any other distractions at home.


    If you are interested in volunteering, your help is very much appreciated. You will need to complete the appropriate paperwork in the front office. Our school policy is for volunteers to schedule volunteer time in advance with the teacher. This helps to minimize interruptions during the school day. Thank you for taking the time to review this information.


    I am certain that these guidelines will ensure that our class will have a great year ahead. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me


    Kind regards,

    Mrs. Boam