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Oak Park eighth graders visit Leesburg High School's Construction Academy

Sixteen eighth graders from Oak Park Middle School were recently selected to be guests of Leesburg LHS COnstruction High School’s Construction Academy.  The students were chosen after submitting an essay related to why they want to work in the construction industry.  


During the experience on Jan. 22 and Jan. 24, Oak Park Middle School students worked alongside Leesburg High School students to build a picnic table. Upon completion, the table was donated to Oak Park Middle School.  The purpose of the visit was to teach students about construction careers and opportunities with the Construction Academy.


Skilled trade workers earn good salaries, without acquiring college debt. These jobs are in high demand in Leesburg. Construction careers are not just for men either.  There are more and more females working their way into management positions in the construction industry. The focus of Leesburg High School’s Construction Academy is to give students a taste of different trades, and to prepare students for management positions in construction. Students learn essential skills, such as: home repair and maintenance, tool handling, basic carpentry, plumbing, interviewing, and communication.  Over half of the eighth grade students visiting are female.


Leesburg High School offers nine different professional certification programs; Agritechnology, Allied Health Assisting, Building Construction Technology, Culinary Arts, Digital Design, Energy Technician, Horticultural Science, and Nursing Assistant. These programs give a head start for high demand careers in our community. Whether students decide to go directly into their career, attend trade school, or complete college these programs give them a head start to future success. To find out more about visit Leesburg High schools webpage at: .